Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Results of the First show of 2011

To start off I was really bummed that my friend couldn't make it with her POA rebel (ended up getting snowed in). Then my friends horse would not load into the trailer to come over to my place the night before the show so we got up extra early and about 20minutes after arriving there we got her mare into the trailer. Oh how I love mares >.< Overall D was very good at the show. He got a little jiggy and hyper in the warm-up ring but after some walk-trot transitions he settled down and got to work. Overall honestly not that great of a show but that is slightly part of why I wanted to attempt this series. Every year we have done it we never seem to high point even though we get the same judges and usually the same people as every other show?! lol Ok I will have to hunt photos down later from the day (I think I have a video or two as well) but here are the placings: (placing 1st-6th)

SMS open: 5th out of 8
SMS ammy: 5th out of 8
English Pleasure Open w/t no place out of 8
English Pleasure Open 6th out of 8
English Equitation Open 4th out of 9
Country pleasure Open 2nd out of 10

I didn't mind all that much that they didn't give out ribbons because I was going to get this pretty neat looking copper horse photo off the prize table with my california cash but mom convinced me to keep it for the Feb show which I am not even sure I am interested in attending since we did so poorly at this show, everyone who placed in the top 2-3 would have to be no-shows for us to have a shot. No to mention that I am TIGHT on $$ right now so I am thinking of ditching the rest of the series. I will however say that if I had the extra cash I would go out there and compete reguardless of if I win or not lol. I am also thinking I probably won't show D anymore after this series, he has gotten so ring savvy that we spend a lot more time arguing in the ring than anything else. So the next question will be do I try to find an instructor I can take lessons from to keep in riding shape (on the side from riding D) that will also let me show their horse(s) or do I find a friend that has a couple of horses they are interested in showing but might not have the time to show all at once? We shall see...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First 2011 Horse Show

So the first show is set for January 16th 2011. I will be showing with my friend Trisha's daughter AND I am hoping my other buddie Julie and her CAUTE POA Rebel, I haven't seen them in forever! at least since I was at the R Wild Horse Ranch last. Trisha is being awesome and letting me borrow her western saddle/bridle again for the show since I don't have my own =( I don't show enough western to get one but maybe I should break down for shows like this where you need to show english & western to have a shot at the buckles offered. My plans for tomorrow are to do some showmanship then some conditioning to see how far 'gone' Dartanion is since his last show, I think the time off will have done him a world of good =). I am not playing on anything too intense till I see what his stamina is at =) Ok that's my semi-boring update.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Horse Show Grooming Tips/Ideas

Grooming Tips:
- If you are going to body clip be sure to do so at least a week in advanced before your show, simple things like ear & muzzle clipping can be done (again) the day before the show if desired. Be sure to place cotton balls in your horses ears before clipping to help prevent hairs for falling into the ear canal and it will deaden the sound of the clippers.
This is a great site for clipping all areas of the horse, NOTE: the length of a bridle path can vary from discipline to discipline, they also suggest using a twitch if your horse has issues with getting his ears clipped which doesn't have to be your choice. http://www.stock-horse-show-source.com/horse-show-grooming.html

- Be sure to bathe your horse a day or two before the show, once your horse is try you can apply a thin layer of show sheen (or your chosen product) over your horse to help prevent stains if your horse laydown in his stall overnight.
- You can rub a touch of baby oil over your horses just clipped bridle path to eliminate the just-clipped look.
- Too polish the feet you can use a wax-based, cake shoe polish which will help protect the hoof from drying effect of hoof laqure which you can apply over the hoof polish. Something I like to use for white hoofs is WD40, Idea taken from my friend Pam.
- Be sure to make pulling your horses mane a daily grooming task, especially if your horse has a full thick mane. You can do your pulling after you ride since the pores will be open and the hairs will come out easily. I have also been told you can use.....
-When braiding and banding your horses mane have some hair gel (I use L.A. Looks level 10 extreme hold http://www.epinions.com/reviews/La_Looks_No10_Gel_Sport_Look_Extreme_Hold_Blue_16_oz ) during each braid & band to help the hairs stay nice, neat, and flat. I find that using a sleezy after braiding helps keep unruley hairs in place. Then in the morning weting your hands a little and running them over the wild parts in the morning helps move them back.
- If you have a horse with white legs you can use Baby Powder, corn startch or show touch-up (http://www.smartpakequine.com/ProductClass.aspx?ProductClassid=6239) to help make them super white before entering the ring. I have personally found that corn startch works better than baby powder but there are also a variety of ways to apply both. I'm also a big fan of show touch-up (which can be found in more colors than white) for some potentially difficult stains that just won't come out.
- If your horse has a hard time growing a tail you can always purchase a tail extention AND/OR keep your horses tail braided to prevent hairs from breaking off and to help it grow. I've also been told that MTG gel helps tails grow but have not personally tried it.

This is a great site I found a while back for the beginner to advanced shower. It's a great little read!

Horse Show Checklist (personal/sample)

Horse Show Checklist
(remember you can add and subtract items as needed, this is just a general list to help people get started or up-date your current list)

It's often a better idea to load everything up into the trailer the day/night before your show. So in the morning all you have to do is go over your check list, load up your horse and off you go!

- Directions to show ground
- Membership cards
- Rule Book
- Horse Registration
- Health certificate, Coggins, any other required vet information
- Emergency Telephone numbers (i.e. Vet, Shoer)
- Checkbook/wallet/I.D.
- Test Booklet (unless provided at show grounds)

Truck & Trailor:
- Truck & Trailor registration
- Jack for trailor
- Check all trailor & truck lights
- Spare tires
- Manure fork

For You:
- Sunblock
- Sunglasses
- Makeup
- Hat or cap
- Beverages and snacks
- Folding chairs
- Asprine
- Camera
- Cell phone
- Safty pins
- Sewing kit
- Tolietries (usually only needed for overnight shows)

Show Ring Horse:
- Bridle
- Saddle
- Saddle Pad(s)
- Girth/cinch
- Brest plate, as needed
- Whip/Crop
- Approved martingale or other approved auxillary tack
- Longe line and longe whip (optional)
- spare halter & lead rope
- Showmanship halter
- treats
- Hay/heynet, other feed
- Equine first-aid kit
- Water Bucket/water tub for overnight
- Stall guard (if stalling overnight)
- head bumper
- Shipping boots & Wraps

Grooming Tote
- Fly Spray
- Spare buckets
- Brushes, Curries
- Hoof pick
- Show sheen
- Spot remover, Cowboy Magic
- Sponges and rags
- WD40 (clear coat for hooves)
- Rubber Bands
- Scissors
- yard/cotton to repair braids
- Hair gel
- zipties (for tail extention)
- Show touch-up Spray
- Babypowder/corn starch
- Shampoo & Conditioner

Show Ring You:
- Breeches/Jodphurs
- Jeans and/or show pants
- Boots
- Half chaps
- Spurs
- Show shirt
- Show Coat
- Showmanship outfit
- Showmanship Hat
- Showmanship number holder
- Showmanship Earring
- Pleasure Earrings
- Helmet
- Hair Nets
- Bobby pins
- Rat catcher
- Gloves
- Belt/buckle

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CSHA Show of Champions English Open W/T Reserve Champion 2009

Wanted to make a seperate post for this since my amazing (now) Fiance got my buckle back to me. I also thought I would post some at home photos mom & I took since I was a total dud and forgot to take award photos at the show.

Long Time - 2010 Show season

In May Dartanion & I ended up competing at the Glenn County fair & the last CSHA region 2 show. However, while heading to the region 2 show we got a flat tire that caused us to lose the English buckle since we missed all the english classes. A real bummer BUT we still got Champion & reserve champion titles so all in all not a loss at all! Also ended up getting 3rd place in all four classes at the Glenn County fair so no champion or reserve there but 3rd isn't all that bad!

CSHA Region 2 Buckle Series Titles: (Awards were buckle like photo frames)

- Showmanship: Reserve Champion
- English 18&Over: Champion
- English Open: Reserve Champion
- Trail: Champion
- English Overall: Reserve Champion

Then in June was the Shasta District Fair which didn't go to well at all. Dartanion had a re-peat of his crow hopping, switching leads, and doing little bucks around the course which really cost us a lot/all of our classes lol. However, there were 20 enteries in our flat Equitation class and we were called back in the top 8. Unfortunatly we did not place since the judge asked for a counter canter and yep bad Fae I had not practiced that enough at home =(. I am very proud of us for making the call back though! got a couple of photos from this show and my position over the fences while not horrid are not anything to brag about either.

Then Dartanion & I got to participate in our first ever breed show! I got both my showmanship patterns on tape and yes there are so many things we needed/are improving on. The only class we did well in was Equitation, since it was double judged we got two places in each class over the three days =)
NCPHA showmanship OPEN ALL AGES: 6th out of 7 and 7th out of 7
SPHC Showmanship OPEN All AGES: 5th out of 7 and 6th out of 7
SPHC HUS OPEN: 6th out of 7 and 5th out of 7
NCPHA HUS OPEN: 6th out of 6 and 6th out of 8
SPHC Equitation Open: 1st out of 2 and 2nd out of 2
I was able to learn A LOT and while I am bummed we did not do all that well it was an excellent learning experience for us.

I did not show again for the rest of the 2010 year and I am VERY sad to say I did not attend the CSHA SOC (Show of Champions) due to low funds. I am hoping this will not be the case for the 2011 show season although with not getting any hours at work things are not looking to good. Our first secdualed show will be the NCAA buckle Series on January 16th 2011.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CSHA Region 2 April Horse Show RESULTS

This show was the smallest of the three so far. I am thinking this was in part of the Red Bluff Rodeo going on but I was the only one in my age division *sad face* unfortunatly sometimes it happens. Everything went well till my horse turned into a bucken bronco in our over fence classes. They were not anything really big but enough to give us 3rd out of 3 in the two hunter course classes got first in Hunter Hack (we were alone, bummer!). We have been working on flying lead changes so I am thinking he might have just been anticipating me asking him to change BUT every horse has their off day.

Halter Geldings 6 &Over 1st out of 4
Halter Color 1st out of 4
Halter Open 2nd out of 5
Showmanship 18&over 1st out of 1
Showmanship Open 2nd out of 5
English pleasure w/t 18&over 1st out of 1
English Pleasure 18&over 1st out of 1
English Pleasure Open 1st out of 5
English Eq w/t 18&over 1st out of 1
English Eq 18&over 1st out of 1
English Eq Open 1st out of 5 (judged asked for us to drop to the buckle AND a two point! a nice change from the usual circles)
Hunter Hack 18&over 1st out of 1
Hunter Crossrails 3rd out of 3
Hunters 2'3" 3rd out of 3
Trail In-Hand 1st out of 2
Trail Open (did not stay for results)
Trail 18&Over (Did not stay for results)

Will post some pics and showmanship VIDEO when I get home :D